Practical mini-guide for a roadtrip in Korea

If South Korea is a much more known and accessible tourist destination than its neighbor North Korea, it still remains quite mysterious for travelers. However, the Land of the Morning Calm has many attractions, including unspoiled beaches, a rich Buddhist heritage, breathtaking natural landscapes, modern cities, etc. If you are planning a roadtrip to South Korea, this post offers you a mini-guide to help you prepare your trip.

Reservations to make before leaving

Although South Korea is a country already very open to tourism, it is always advisable to read it’Make some reservations before you leave, in order to be able to enjoy your trip’to avoid bad surprises once there. D’elsewhere, you can find useful information to help you better organize your roadtrip in Korea by clicking here.

But d’Generally speaking, the reservations to be made when preparing your vacation in the Land of the Morning Calm are mainly related to airline tickets and other services’plane, the’accommodation and possibly excursions or other activities to be done. In the context of’a roadtrip, it is also advisable to book your vehicle early enough if you plan to travel by rental car. These advices are even more valid if you plan to go to Korea during the high tourist season, namely during the months of’August, September and October.

trip to Korea

Two ideas of destinations to include in your itinerary

  • Visit Seoul, the South Korean capital

Visiting Seoul is a great way to start your roadtrip in South Korea. It is of’elsewhere, a priori, the city by which you will arrive via its international airport. To discover the South Korean capital, you will need to plan for 3 to 5 days, as the park is a very popular place to visit’it is very vast.

The distances between the neighborhoods are counted in kilometers, which will not be a big problem since you will travel by car. The points of’The interests of the city are multiple.

By going to the northern district, you will have the pleasure to discover remarkable monuments, such as the Gyeongbokgung Palace or the Jogyesa Temple. Then continue your tour of Seoul with a discovery-filled excursion to the famous DMZ, the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea.

Finish your stay in Seoul by walking in the South of the city. This part of Seoul is home to modern neighborhoods, including the famous Gangnam district. Chic and modern, this area is famous for its large buildings, shopping malls, stores, restaurants… Before leaving the city, don’t miss to visit its highest tower, the Lotte Tower.

  • Explore Seoraksan Park

Seoraksan Park is one of the interesting places to discover during your roadtrip in South Korea. Located in the northeast of the country, it takes its name from the fact that it is the most famous district in the country’it is home to Mount Seorak, the’one of the tallest mountains in South Korea.

If you are a hiking enthusiast, this park allows you to enjoy a variety of activities’access to the top of the rock of Seoul’Ulsanbawi and take in the breathtaking views that the DMZ has to offer’it offers. Your exploration of the park will also allow you to’Enjoy a natural and peaceful side of your getaway in Korea, away from the hustle and bustle of the city’urban environment of Seoul and other major cities of the country.

Throughout your visit to Seoraksan Park, you will discover many points of interest’s worth a visit, at the’like beautiful waterfalls, Sinheungsa temple and the small Gyejo-am temple, a big bronze Buddha statue in the valley and several breathtaking landscapes. Before leaving the park, take the time to take the cable car up to the Gwongeumseong fortress.