Prepare your trip to Martinique

A trip to Martinique is an unforgettable experience for any traveler. In fact, it is’acts of’a destination with beautiful and exotic flora. In search of’a dream destination ? Martinique presents itself as a better option.

Discover in this guide how to get there’to prepare your trip to this island.

What is the best time to travel to Martinique ?

The best time to travel is from December to April, because it is the best time to travel’It is the dry season and the climate is pleasant. Be aware, however, that Martinique has high humidity, with an average temperature of 27 degrees all seasons. The climate is favorable, but is subject to disturbances due to tropical depressions (more frequent from July to November).

At the beginning of July, the weather is perfect, with occasional showers, but not for long, which is quite pleasant considering the heat. There are however cameras that can inform you about the weather in Martinique if you are in a hurry.

How is the traffic in Martinique ?

Given that’There is little public transportation available, so you will need to rent a car to properly explore the island’island. It is therefore possible to’It is not common to make a car reservation online on dedicated platforms and pick up the car directly at the airport’airport. However, beware of the heavy traffic between Fort-de-France and Rivière-Saray at the beginning of the day and in the evening.

There are gas stations on several locations in the’island.

The Martiniquais often hitchhike to get around. You should not be surprised to see them raise their arms or their index fingers on the side of the road’is not common in the area. For a quick and easy procedure, consider renting a car in Martinique with Carmen Location.

What is the best place to live in Martinique ?

The Village of Pierre et Vacances is a better place to stay for a few days. Located in the south of the island’island, in Sainte-Luce, along the sea, it has everything necessary to spend an excellent stay. There is a swimming pool, a bubble bath, a beach, entertainment for young and old. You will also find on the site, laundry, mini-market, kids club, restaurants, bars and a wonderful welcome.

The region is pleasant and the people are mostly friendly, as they are also vacationers.

trip to Martinique

A vacation in Martinique: what budget to plan ?

Budgeting will be discussed in a broad sense, as it depends on the lifestyle, is it luxury or camping ? It will depend on you. Be aware that round trip tickets to Fort-de-France start at 300€ (or even 250€ depending on promotions). A meal in a restaurant requires about 20 euros per person.

For the’For accommodation, add €60 to €80 per night and you have a decent enough place to stay.

For boat or canoe expeditions in Martinique, it is a good idea to visit the island’The price is usually 50-60 euros per person per day. If the calculations are correct, for a stay of 8 days in Martinique, it takes 1000 euros per vacationer.

What about the sanitary arrangements in Martinique ?

No vaccinations’is required to visit Martinique. L’The island is French, with doctors and pharmacies located everywhere. Childcare fees and reimbursements are identical to those in France.

It is essential to have a health insurance card. L’Tap water is safe to drink.

What are the dangers in Martinique ?

The sun is the greatest danger of the region. Protect yourself with sunscreen, hats, caps and a long-sleeved shirt for babies. A sunburn can cause disasters in no time.

Also pay attention to the coconut trees on the beach, holidaymakers have the’s habit’Sheltering underneath to get water’shadow.

However, beware of coconut falls. The heat and the’The humidity here is also a danger. Indeed, the heat is intense, but we sometimes forget to drink water’water because of the humidity’humidity.

Keep one or two bottles of water’water on you. For many people, the mancenillier is the best choice’one of the most real dangers of the’island. L’The tree is 5 to 20 meters high and bears small apple-like fruits that contain highly toxic sap.

In case of’As it rains intensely, it is strongly advised not to take refuge under the trees. Indeed, the’water runoff on the leaves is abrasive. These trees are recognizable thanks to a red circle marking located on their trunk.

However, be careful, because some species do not have.

In conclusion

For a memorable vacation, Martinique is a fairly recommended destination. It is nevertheless necessary to plan a consequent budget to go from one spa to another’pleasant moments.