Domani : our opinion on the new reference of Italy in Paris

Recently opened just off the Champs-Elysées, we couldn&#8217t resist the temptation to discover Harold Sacreste&#8217s new Italian restaurant after La Vinoteca already in the 8th arrondissement and Di Vino in the 16th. A good place to stop after a shopping session on the Champs-Elysées ?

Domani: a comfortable space


The first thing that seduces when we pass the door of Domani, it is the space. While many restaurants are in the habit of multiplying the number of tables, leaving us with an ever decreasing space to eat, Domani goes in the exact opposite direction. Each table is far enough away from its neighbor to preserve a certain privacy, thus ensuring a certain calm for a business or romantic meal !

assiette_domaniThe decoration of the room is very successful, with a large mirror enlarging the space and a large bar bringing warmth to the space. For the beautiful days, about sixty covers in terrace allow to sunbathe while being restored ! The whole directed of a hand of master by the very sympathetic Patrick Moine.

In the plate, dishes of quality

Needless to say that the specialties are exclusively transalpine…and that’s good ! The well-constructed 50-course menu offers enough options to keep you coming back, but not too many, ensuring quality, home-cooked food. Highlighting Italian specialties, you can find black truffles, porcini mushrooms, fresh ricotta and burrata in pizza, pasta or risotto.


Pizza lovers will be pleased with the tasty pizzas, with fine dough and generous cheese, with an assured taste. The finest gourmets will try the lasagna with veal stew simmered for 7 hours, the risotto with black truffles or the spaghetti al tartufo e astice, understand truffled with half lobster.

In the glass, a nice selection of transalpine wines

Let’s not forget that Italy is not only culinary specialties, but also one of the largest wine producers in Europe. The Domani’s wine list is not mistaken and offers nearly 90 references, covering all of Italy, from Piedmont to Sicily. Wine lovers will turn to the wines of Cos or Gaja, or to some of the other beautiful domains proposed, in all colors and all prices (from 30 to 350€).

wine_domani_2By the glass, the selection is certainly more limited, but always interesting, with a special mention for the Barolo of Roccheviberti with its bright fruit or the orange wine Pithos Bianco of Cos aged in amphora.

For a bill of around 55-60€ per person, Domani is a good value for money in the area where unfortunately, the average price of the dishes is not always a guarantee of quality. If you are looking for a quality Italian restaurant at the foot of the Champs-Elysées, you can stop there and enjoy a little moment out of time.

8 avenue Franklin Roosevel
75008 Paris
01 56 59 62 59
Open 7 days a week, continuous service from 12h to 2h.