Review of Bear Tooth, Werner, Volume 3

Entitled Werner, this volume 3 closes the first cycle of Beartooth, after Max and Hannah. And the least we can say is that it will not leave the readers unmoved !


April 25, 1945, a German military reconnaissance plane miraculously landed in the heart of Berlin, a city under siege by Russian troops. A wounded officer and a pilot emerge and ask to be urgently taken to Hitler’s bunker. They come out with a mission as secret as it is important for the fate of the Third Reich.

The pilot, none other than Flugkapitän Hanna Reitsch, will have to fly the revolutionary HO 229 flying wing. As a co-pilot, she chooses Werner Zweiköpfiger, a pilot almost as talented as her and, incidentally, a US Air Force pilot and American spy whose mission is to kill Hanna !
Fifteen years ago, Hanna, Werner and Max, a Polish Jew, formed an inseparable trio whose common dream was to fly and who had sworn an eternal friendship.



Dent d’ours is a great success of the Dupuis stable of the moment. Yann’s scenario plays on many levels: love, youth memories, friendship, but also war violence and espionage. Henriet&#8217s drawing perfectly supports this scenario, whether intimate or spectacular, and transports us into an almost cinematographic rendering of the work.

If the first two volumes were respectively an introduction of the characters, then the setting of the story, this third volume does not play the role of a banal conclusion. Obviously, it is a conclusion because it closes a cycle, however, it is much more than that.

Bear&#8217s Tooth was presented as an initiation story, then as a war story. To these two axes comes to be added in this tome a strong dramatic power, which will not leave the reader unscathed. Without revealing everything, we can nevertheless say that one, even several shocks are waiting for the readers during this volume 3. From a simple story “a new power will be unleashed during the pages of Werner, power that should turn even the most seasoned of “cliffhangers” TV series.


If this Beartooth volume 3 is powerful, we can nevertheless reproach it a little disjointed rhythm, between a long beginning and a too abrupt end. However, the revelations in the middle of the volume compensate well for that.

Finally, it is necessary to come back on the whole cycle, which has been able to offer us a very well constructed story, around 3 endearing characters, of which we dream to know everything. Volume 3 plays its role of gas pedal by revealing the mysteries surrounding these 3 children, without pity or bias.

A great comic book, and a cycle that will have kept us in suspense. Too bad that the end is too abrupt, and a few more pages in volume 3 would not have been too much. If you haven&#8217t yet opened Bears Tooth, it&#8217s time to catch up ! Find this book by clicking here.