5 unique places to visit in Rome

The Italian capital is a place to see at least once in a lifetime. The island attracts many tourists every year came to enjoy the Dolce Vita. However, after the pandemic, it is better to avoid the crowds. Fortunately, Rome offers several unique places to visit.

Let’s discover these places together.

La casa delle Civette

During your walk through the streets of Rome, you can visit the Botanical Gardens spend some time in an atypical museum. Part of the unique places to visit in Rome, the casa delle Civette is located near the hill Torlonia, one of the seven hills of Rome. The architecture of this unusual building is a mixture of medieval and art nouveau styles. You can visit this museum at 90 Via Nomentana.

To get there, the easiest way is to to get out at the Bologna metro station.

Unique places to visit in Rome: the park of Villa Borghese

The park of the Villa Borghese is full of wonders. This is a real little jewel of tranquility in the center of Rome. Many stretches of water surrounded by statues and small temples are present along the paths.

Near this park, you can even visit the discover the different sights of the Pincio Park.

Here, it is possible to appreciate the water clock. The mechanism of the latter works thanks to the fountain located under the clock. Built in the second half of the 19th century, you can literally watch time go by.

The pharmacy of Santa Maria della Scala

Among the unique places to visit in Rome is the pharmacy of Santa Maria della Scala. Not far from the Colosseum, this unusual place contains a priceless treasure. Here you can find furniture that is over 400 years old. In these are the last natural remedies of Rome. At the time of its inauguration, and for several hundred years, many famous people came to buy their medicines there.

Princes, popes and other kings were all supplied at the pharmacy of Santa Maria della Scala. The museum can be visited today in 40 minutes and the entrance fee is only 5 euros per person.

Unique places to visit in Rome: the Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Garden of Rome is one of the places to see when you visit the city. This green and quiet space is located in the center of Rome. From the different species of roses present on site to the butterfly greenhouse and the Japanese garden, you will discover here multiple species of plants.

In the spring, it is possible to enjoy the Hanami. A traditional Japanese festival that takes place between late March and early April. The Hanami celebrates the blooming of the roses. At this time, beautiful pink petals appear on the tree in bloom.

A dreamlike vision offered in the Roman capital every spring.

The Coppedè district

Very little known by tourists, this district is an important appointment for all the lovers of cinematographic art. The Botanical Garden has been used as a natural setting for many horror films of the 80’s. Even today, the Coppedè district is one of the unique places to visit in Rome. Here you can contemplate the beautiful sculpted facades.

A mixture of Gothic art and architectural curiosities, you must go to Piazza Mincio to enjoy the unique show that this area offers.

Perfect for a weekend for two or with the family, Rome is one of the unique cities to visit. If you move away from the most popular monuments, you will discover a secret Rome that will leave you speechless.

This article was written by Thibaut, travel expert in Italy.