6 ways to make money with your travel blog in 2023

A blog is a good way to express yourself and communicate your passion. If you take some care of your online site and address interesting topics, you can get much more out of it. You could become a professional blogger and succeed in monetizing your travel blog for example.

While it's not that easy to make money with a blog, there are a few tricks that can help you do it right. Here, discover 6 good methods to earn money with its travel blog in 2021 !

Advertise to earn money on your blog’money with his blog

Many sites recommend to avoid intermediaries for affiliate contracts in order to increase your margins. This solution seems to be effective, but it's still pretty standard and not very profitable in the long run. There are many ways to monetize your blog’other methods to monetize your travel blog as a professional blogger.

Among these, advertising is one of the most important.

Advertising on your travel blog can consist in presenting banners on it promoting other products or services. Ideally, these should be of interest to your readers. Advertising discovered or used quality products generates significant income.

To succeed in this direction, make sure your site generates enough traffic. On the other hand, you should offer relevant products to your visitors to improve their experience on your site. You might think that you'll quickly increase your income by loading your travel blog with banner ads.

This is certainly not the way to go. Doing so, you will significantly reduce the user experience on your blog. This will result in a reduction in the number of your internet users.

You need to find the right balance to avoid pushing your subscribers away.

Using sponsored content

Similar to advertising, sponsored content allows you to take your travel blog on a journey. When you have enough visitors on your travel blog, large companies wishing to promote their articles will not hesitate to contact you. They will pay to publish various sponsored content on your blog.

For example, you could be contacted by a travel company or a restaurant. What differs advertising from this last method, on your site, you publish text content or photographs for your partners. You can also mention them in some of your travel publications.

You are paid according to the sponsored contents that you will have published.

However, in order to guarantee a regular and growing income, your traffic generation rate must be quite high. A good presence on social networks is also necessary to earn money with your blog.

money with blog

Create content for another platform

Selling your expertise also allows you to earn money. You could suggest great brands to write quality content. It can be a simple advertising article or a relevant video to generate traffic to your own site.

Creating marketing content for professionals allows you to monetize your travel blog without penalizing your performance. Instead of asking for unique content to be published on their page, your customers can ask for sponsored posts on your blog.

You could combine these options with advertising to diversify your sources of income and develop the visibility of your blog. It should be noted that the creation and sale of sponsored content requires a large audience and a good library.

This solution seems to be advantageous for the brands that will use your content. However, you can also take advantage of their popularity. All you have to do is negotiate to reuse the same content on your travel blog or on backlinks that you can insert in your work.

Become a brand ambassador

By becoming a brand ambassador, you can sign a long-term partnership. The writing of sponsored content allows you to obtain a partnership on the short term. By becoming ambassador of great companies, you become a marketing agent.

In practice, your content and blog should positively impact their sales and revenue. Then you can enjoy excellent remuneration.

The path to sign such a partnership is not easy. You could start by writing free marketing content about the products of a brand you like. Then, you will publish this content on your travel blog to encourage your users to buy them.

It will be necessary to record information such as metrics, number of sales and comments on the promoted products. You can use this as an argument to convince a company to make you one of its ambassadors. With determination and commitment, you will succeed.

Sell a product

Traveling with your travel blog is possible if you manage to sell your own products or services. Selling products that meet a real need will give you a good profit margin. You could offer practical travel accessories and useful to your audience. You also have the possibility to do consulting or training.

However, before doing so, make sure you have enough traffic and the trust of your subscribers.

If you have a large community and products they might be interested in, you could create a landing page on your blog. You will publish relevant content and real testimonials to show the usefulness and interest of your products. In this process, it is very useful to make surveys to identify the real needs of the readers.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing allows you to receive commissions on each purchase made through your channel or recommendation. This method is beneficial for all parties involved in the transaction. It's the supplier, the blogger and the buyer.

Thanks to your blog, your visitors will be able to discover and buy a quality product at a reasonable price. This increases the sales of the supplier who will pay you commissions.

Also, you can do affiliate marketing by recommending a restaurant or a hotel to your readers. Make sure to sign a partnership with good establishments in order to receive good commissions. On the other hand, you can contact interested popular monuments to establish a partnership in which you recommend their visit.

In this context, make sure you earn a good commission on each ticket purchased by your readers.