3 walks to discover on foot, by bike or with your family in Semnoz

Lake Annecy from Les Puisots

The Semnoz is the favorite mountain of the inhabitants of Annecy, close to the city and not very steep. It’s the ideal way to go for a family walk in the forest, protected from the heat. Discover 3 ideas for walks near Annecy for the summer.

The mountain bike health course of Colmyr

Health course Colmyr Annecy

To reach this course coming from Annecy, you have to take the Treasures, then turn left towards the Semnoz Turn right and turn left again (Hôtel des Trésums sign). You follow the old road of Sevrier, and you park after the drinking water production plant on the parking on your left.

The mountain bike health course of Colmyr is located on a plateau overlooking the bend of the Puya opposite of the lake of Annecy. A panel presents you the route map, it is necessary to start the ballade by going up just behind. By following a small path, you go down on the plateau. Various equipments for the health course allow you to to do gymnastics.

You see a large beam, you have to take on the right for the ballade which makes you make a pretty loop with the lake on your right. A little steep rock allows to to initiate oneself to climbing. You then arrive on an esplanade with tables.

This site allows you to picnics pleasant as of spring.

Continuing, you will reach the entrance of the park;mountain bike area. It is a course with equipment to train and practice. You can also do it on foot to continue the walk.

To return to the parking lot, follow the wide path on your left.

The walk in the Grande Jeanne animal park

Animal park of the Grande Jeanne

To reach this ballad, you have to follow the road that leads you to the “Semnoz” the ski resort of Semnoz. If you go up the road for 3 kilometers, you will see the animal park on your right, a parking lot is available a little further. You begin the course with the visit of the animal park of 10 500 m².The species present are fallow deer, stags, hinds and mouflons.

The animals are not domesticated and it represents the natural wildlife of Haute-Savoie. A large meadow allows you to picnic on your left. While continuing, another enclosure shelters mouflons.

This park is free of charge and is harmoniously integrated in the communal forest.

The walk continues towards the panorama on the city of Annecy. With the presence of a large cliff, it is recommended in spite of the barriers to hold the young children by the hand. You can then make a loop in the forest admiring the beauty of the landscape the numerous cabins realized in the undergrowth.

Going back down by the road, there is an enclosure for mouflons, you can park on the right side of the road to admire them.

The ballad of Puisots

Les Puisots Semnoz Annecy

The access to the Puisots, is done by the road of Semnoz. It is necessary to go up 6 kilometers from Annecy, the parking is on the parking lot or on the left of the road. You can have a picnic in the big field before or after the walk.

In winter, it is a popular place for go sledding.

The buildings are used by the Federation of secular works of Haute-Savoie to organize of the vacation camps. When you enter the forest, at the end of the field, you will find a path that you can take on the left to go back down along the Semnoz road. The walk is pleasant and shady, it allows you to discover the undergrowth and the flora of the middle mountain. If you leave the path, it is advisable to take landmarks to avoid getting lost.

Another variant allows you to take the path on the right for a small climb accessible to all.