The parking lots of airport: the wrong idea, opt for a cab !

If you are planning a trip, you will most likely have to take a plane. Now, to get from the’Getting to the airport from home can be a source of stress, since’it is imperative to’to be in’time and make the boarding. Different options’The following options are available to you to get there: public transport, private car and cab.

This article will focus mainly on the differences between cars and cabs, to explain why the cab is the best solution.

Why choose a cab to go to the airport?

Why to go to the’airport by cab rather than’by car ? The answer is in two words: price and reliability. To understand why the cab is the best travel option, let’s play a little game. In the following table, we will list the negative and positive points of each type of transportation.


Does this type of service serve all airports ?

Classic cabs are available everywhere and in all airports, but you must be careful to take an official one. On the other hand, the Door2Gate service is mainly established in Belgium and it provides trips up to’in (and since) the’Charleroi airport. If you travel to Brussels (we highly recommend it) !) and decide to use this service to get to your accommodation, you will see Brussels better than if you only went to your accommodation by metro.

This will give you a first taste of the beauty of the city and what awaits you. For nationals of the country, travel by cab Door2Gate is a more responsible way to get to the’airport and it is also less expensive.

The Door2Gate routes currently proposed are the following:
Shuttle from / to the’Charleroi airport

  • Antwerp < Charleroi airport
  • Arlon < Charleroi airport
  • Bastogne < Charleroi airport
  • Breda < Charleroi airport
  • Bruges < Charleroi airport
  • Brussels < Charleroi airport
  • Ghent < Charleroi airport
  • Liege < Charleroi airport
  • Lille < Charleroi airport
  • Luxembourg < Charleroi airport
  • Maastricht < Charleroi airport
  • Marche-en-Famenne < Charleroi airport
  • Namur – Charleroi airport

The cabs were already part of the city’a sector in difficulty with the’competitive arrival of’Uber, but they are more so with the Covid-19 pandemic that has severely affected tourism. Let’s support them whenever we can and make use of this service !