How to have free Wi-Fi in a campsite ?

You’re about to go camping, and you need an internet connection to enjoy your vacation ? Nowadays, the majority of campsites are modern and they offer a Wi-Fi connection to their clients. For people who decide to go camping for their vacations, the access to internet has become a criterion of choice. This connection allows them to stay in touch with contact with their loved ones, of to check their mails, from book a local activity or even to search on the internet.

The purpose of this article is to help you to know the different ways in which you will be able to connect while you are in a campsite.

The different methods to get free Wi-Fi

Internet access is a key element when you goes on vacation in a campsite. It is true that we go there to get away from the noise of the city, the daily routine and the stress of life in general. But after the activities, in the evening, you need to rest and relax go on the internet, to to give news to relatives left in the city or in another place of vacation. It is therefore imperative to have a free internet connection available at all times.

Several methods give you access to an internet connection in a campsite.

Connection sharing

The simplest and most economical option for take advantage of the free wifi in the campsite is the sharing of connection with a cell phone. It allows you to connect a 500 euros laptop, a tablet or an iPad to the mobile network. To use this option, you must :

  • A cell phone with a cell phone connection sharing system,
  • Have a quality network,
  • Have enough data on your phone subscription.

Sharing is an easy technique to use, just go into the settings and go to “connection sharing” and choose sharing via wifi or Bluetooth and activate.

The wifi connection of the campsite

To allow camping guests to connect at any time, some campsites offer a free Wi-Fi service. In some establishments, this connection service is available to all customers regardless of their place of residence (caravan, mobile home or cottage). As soon as you arrive at the campsite, you will be informed at the reception of the availability of the internet connection.

If you have a laptop, it is even more advantageous for you, because you will not have to use the connection of your phone to work.

Wifi access with an access code

Some campsites have a router or a modem that allows them to distribute the connection to all their customers. The Wifi available in a campsite can have an access code to avoid that everyone connects at will. Only customers have the privilege to enjoy it; it is possible to do so via your smartphone, your laptop 500 euros by entering the code that is provided at the reception and is the same for all customers.

Installing a wifi antenna

To have a better wifi connection when camping, it is possible to install a wifi antenna. This is very practical if you plan to stay in the campsite for a long time. The antenna allows to get a wifi signal at any time and, it increases the sensitivity of the wifi signal reception, which allows you to pick up a signal even if it is far away.

It is the perfect accessory when you go on vacation in remote areas or far from big cities. If you want to work or supervise a job even on vacation, you need a high speed connection, to avoid being cut off during a conference for example. This is one of the last options you should think about, as it involves a cost.

It is rare, but impossible to find campsites that have a wifi antenna.

wifi camping

How to improve the Internet reception in camping ?

There are simple and practical ways to connect to the internet in a campsite during the vacations. If you use your tablet, or smartphone in 3G or 4G connection, it is advisable to check before leaving that your operator covers the area in which you go on vacation. When you make your reservation, you can ask which operator works in the campsite and its surroundings.

Note that the wired network is the best wherever you are, although it is public, you have the advantage that it is open to a limited network of people.

What about the Internet in a motorhome? ?

The motorhome owners You can also enjoy a free internet connection from your smartphone or laptop. If you decide to install your motorhome in a campsite, you will take advantage of the internet connection offered to customers. To maximize the quality of your connection, you can use a amplifier or a outdoor antenna.

Not all motorhomes have the option to connect, so you should check this when renting your motorhome. If you are in a motorhome, it is possible to connect for free to the wifi in bars, restaurants or laundries from your phone or laptop. But for this to work in these cases, you must stay close to the cities and not very isolated.

A night or two in a camping area by the way will allow you to enjoy the free wifi.

As you can see, there are different ways to enjoy a free internet connection, from your smartphone or your pc. The key is not to have a free connection, but a quality connection, which will allow you to watch your programs, make video calls with family and friends, send photos and share your vacation on your social pages without interruption and in complete security.