The next Hellfest bar in Paris : the Hellfest Corner rue Quincampoix

Guess who shows up in Paris at the end of 2019 ? The Hellfest ! No, not yet to set up theme concerts or a Parisian festival. The Nantes team has decided to open a bar – the Hellfest Corner – at 37 rue Quincampoix instead of Dr. Feelgood Les Halles.

hellfest corner

The concept ? Simply the Hellfest in necessarily much smaller. And who says Hellfest says :

  • Music: unfortunately no concerts at the Corner (too bad, the cellar is huge) but certainly some well-chosen playlists
  • Merchandising: the basement will house (the toilets and especially) a shop to afford merchandise all year
  • Beer: a priori a selection similar to those offered at the festival will be available
  • Food: restaurant or boards ? Rather the second option of snacking by reading the information on the right and left
  • Good atmosphere: it’s up to the visitors to come with their smiles. The place can’t do much by itself 😉

At the moment (beginning of November 2019), the bar is still under construction (believe me I pass in front of it every day or so). The artwork is already in front but needs to be finalized obviously.

The few videos teasing the place show that a huge effort is put on the interior decoration. It must be said that it is a big challenge to create a small bar atmosphere for such a big festival.