Expatriation: how to organize a farewell party in Paris foreigner ?

Separations are never easy. Whether it is the end of a school year or the end of a long trip, it is important to mark the occasion in order to engrave in stone the memories of the moments spent with the people who accompanied you and marked you throughout your stay. Discover in this article how to organize a going away party abroad.

Why plan a going-away party in Paris?

Reasons for organize a going away party abroad There are many options. Because you have been immersed in a country, a city, a culture that has taken you out of your comfort zone, you may not plan to return immediately. It is possible that you feel sad or bitter at the idea of having to leave this new country.

By throwing a party and buying from festive stores, such as Sparklers Club, you can celebrate your departure without the melancholy.

Indeed, organizing a departure party abroad is ideal to better apprehend your departure and manage it emotionally, while giving you a new occasion and an opportunity to create last memories with the people you appreciate and who will have marked you throughout your trip.

What are the essentials for this moving party?’goodbye ?

There are some essential elements to respect for a successful farewell party ! Indeed, you can use many equipments and accessories such as fireworks, scene jets, cake fountains, firecrackers and smoke bombs to organize a farewell party that will mark the spirits. To get some, you can buy from many stores and brands, such as Sparklers Club for example.

You will probably have to move if you have been in a new country or city for a while. There are many ways to move abroad with peace of mind.

First of all, remember to be organized ! You have to think about warn all guests in time to be sure to be surrounded by all your loved ones before your departure by making sure that everyone can be there at the chosen date and time. You will also need to determine the location so that it can accommodate all your guests in a more special and personal way. To help you, you can, for example, conduct a survey via social networks.

Making decorations is also a very good idea. You can decorate your party venue according to a theme for example.

If you plan to cross the ocean or the sea, you can for example use small planes or boats in your decoration. You can also divide the party venue in two by decorating one half with elements representing the country you left and the other half with elements representing the new country you will join.

You also need to provide enough food and drinks for all the guests of your party.

Think about preparing speeches ! As much from the person who is leaving as from the guests. This is the perfect time to praise the person who is moving, wish them well for the future and evoke emotional memories.

Farewell gifts are also a good idea. With a farewell gift, the memories of your stay will always be with you, no matter where you go. Usually, we offer one or several gifts to the person who is leaving, but you can also offer some to the people who welcomed you or who will have marked you so that your presence remains despite your departure !

You can also think of activities to do during the party, such as karaoke, a musical blind test, table soccer or even a sports activity.

What are the essentials for this party?

Who to invite to this party ?

Although you may not know many people when you arrive in an unfamiliar destination, you may have made many connections with people such as friends and colleagues ! Sharing common moments creates strong bonds.

You can always make a short list of the people you care most about and wish to see say goodbye in a more special and personal way. You now have all the elements to organize a successful going abroad party !