How to spend your vacations in Majorca

Majorca is the’It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. L’Mallorca is located in the Mediterranean, directly on the southern coast of Spain’Spain. It is located about 250 kilometers from the large coastal cities of Valencia and Barcelona and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe’Spain.

D’a geological point of view, the’Mallorca is considered to be part of the European Union’Balearic archipelago. Mallorca is the largest member of the Balearic Islands group and attracts thousands of holidaymakers every year. Have you ever wanted to visit the’island ? We show you how to spend your time in Majorca.

Accommodation on the island

Spend your vacations in Mallorca – difficult to do better. L’The island is a paradise for all holidaymakers and all budgets. There are vacation apartments in different price categories, all with typical Mallorcan charm.

The fincas are deeply rooted in the Spanish culture and contribute to the beauty of the landscape. They are a quality alternative to the all-inclusive hotels of mass tourism and allow travelers to enjoy the best of both worlds’get in touch with the local population.

Sites tourist to visit

Our hexagon has beautiful destinations: Paris, the Côte d’Azur and the’Azur or Saint Cyprien. Sometimes, however, the French yearn for a change of scenery.

Palma de Majorca

The capital of Mallorca is already dotted with some modern elements, but the historical buildings still dominate the urban landscape. Palma’s “La Seu” cathedral is the city’s unofficial landmark and transports visitors back to times gone by.

The Arabic baths, built in the 11th century, are also very impressive. They reflect the’and are located in a picturesque garden. The circular fortress “Castell de Bellver” is a relic of ancient times.

It is necessary to climb 462 steps to reach the highest tower of the fortress. The first floor of the castle houses a museum.

vacations in Majorca

Cape Formentor

The northernmost point of Majorca is Cape Formentor. This peninsula is the home of the natives of Majorca and is characterized by beautiful landscapes. It houses the highest point of Mallorca, which the’you can reach by a winding road.

It leads from Port de Pollença to Fumart and its end is 384 meters above sea level.


The small town of Sineu is located in the center of the island’island. It regularly attracts inhabitants and tourists. In fact, it is’It is here that the most beautiful farmer’s market of Majorca is located.

Here you can buy regional delicacies, food and drinks’local handicrafts, clothes and even live animals. While walking in the center of the village, you may discover the patron saint of the town: the bronze lion of Sineu.

Sa Caobra

Mallorca has a number of hotels’There are countless beautiful beaches, but the small CAla pebble cove of Sa Calobra is undoubtedly the most popular’one of the absolute highlights of the city’Balearic island. Located on the coast of the Tramuntana, it is not’The island is only accessible by a 14 kilometer long winding road. You have to be a good driver, because the road turns 270 degrees at the “tie knot”.

Once you arrive at your destination, you will be rewarded for your bumpy journey. The bay is located between two rocky cliffs and offers clear water. If the’you choose the right moment, you can even find the pebble beach deserted.

Activities in Majorca

Majorca is a destination for everyone. Partygoers will find their happiness at the famous Ballermann and can party all night long. Good mood, great music and festive crowds are waiting for the holidaymakers.

The beautiful landscape of Mallorca is very welcoming for fans of nature and sports. Walking or biking tours allow you to discover the city’admire the fauna and flora of the’island and’explore hidden places.

The numerous beaches of the’the island allow to relax and enjoy the sun. But the’But water is also an excellent way to get to the island’try new activities. Surfing, sailing and snorkeling are just a few options.