Discovering French cities by electric bike

You would like to discover French cities at your own pace, enjoying your vacation while preserving the environment ? Nothing beats an electric bike ! This ecological means of transportation is ideal for getting around the city without worrying about traffic jams. You can take your own electric bike with you, or rent one locally in Paris, Strasbourg or Bordeaux. The electric bike battery is now perfected and offers you an appreciable autonomy.

The advantages of an electric bike to discover the big French cities

Many city centers in France are partially pedestrianized, but still accessible to bicycles. Electric bicycles are an ideal way to explore old town centers, gliding through the busy little streets without having to worry about public transportation schedules, one-way streets or traffic jams. You need an electric bike battery ? It is now easy to find and batteries have made great progress in terms of weight, making cycling in the city much more attractive. Equipped in this way, you will be able to enjoy the charms of Nice, Cannes, Lyon or even the capital, Paris.

electric bike

Choosing an electric bike

Among the reliable brands for a successful vacation, you will find

  • Bosch,
  • Shimano,
  • Giant,
  • or Panasonic.

Some are specialists in electronics, such as Bosch, while others have a long-standing reputation for supplying parts for bikes and mountain bikes, such as Shimano. The Giant brand specializes in sport bikes and offers robust and reliable models for your city escapades.

You leave with your own two wheels ? Don’t forget your electric bike charger ! And take a trip to Montmartre or the Eiffel Tower.