Prepare your suitcase for the’summer : how to get the most out of your stay’to take in ?

Summer is fast approaching. This is your opportunity to go on vacation to the destination of your choice. Whether in Asia, Europe, America or Africa, you’ll have a great time, alone or with your loved ones. To get to your chosen destination, you need to be prepared accordingly. To do so, you must complete the administrative and sanitary procedures. Apart from these steps, you must pack your things in your travel suitcase.

How to do it ? Find out in this article how to prepare your suitcase for a summer trip.

What type of suitcase to choose ?

In the luggage market, you’ll be spoiled for choice type of suitcase to choose for your summer vacation. You will have the choice between backpacks, briefcases, soft and hard bags and suitcases. Your selection should be based on your needs, your habits, the duration of your trip and your budget.

If you enjoy short summer trips, you may want to consider a suitcase that is not too large carry-on suitcase from 40 to 56 cm in height. It will be used to hold the necessities for several days. With this solution, you will not have to check your luggage in the hold. This will save you time at check-in, but also when you get off the plane.

For an optimal trip, don’t hesitate to check and comply with the dimensions authorized by your airline, as standards vary.

By choosing a backpack, you will have the same advantages as a carry-on suitcase. The strong point of this option is that, depending on its size, you can easily slide your luggage under the seat in front of you. With some airlines, your large backpack will be accepted as hand luggage if it is not full.

Keep in mind, however, that this varies from one structure to another. You must therefore check this aspect before taking your flight. This will help you avoid misunderstandings.

If you plan to enjoy your summer vacations for more than a week, get a suitcase with a height of 75 cm. If you’re planning to spend a month abroad or in another city, look for the 81 cm tall suitcases. Avoid filling them to respect the weight authorized by the airlines (23 kg). If you plan to travel by car, this type of suitcase will not fit in your trunk.

You must therefore take into account your needs in order to purchase an XL suitcase.

What to pack for summer ?

When you go on a trip, you should think about what to take with you. If you have a small suitcase, you must select the bare essentials. For a summer vacation, there are specific things you need to keep in order to have a pleasant stay.

Here are some of them.


Even if your idea is to come back from your trip with a tan, you should not neglect the impact of sunburn on your skin. In addition to getting a rash, your skin will be irritated. That’s why you need to find a solution to reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays on your skin.

To do this, the high protection sunscreen is a product that you can buy.

If you have dark skin, a sunscreen with SPF 20 will be perfect for you. If you have a lighter skin tone, choose a product with a higher SPF. If you have black skin, you are less likely to develop skin cancer.

Keep in mind that the risk is not zero. You must therefore get a tube of sunscreen.

Summer clothes

For the summer, you should opt for light and loose-fitting clothes to feel comfortable. If you are a woman, light and flowing dresses will be perfect. Whether they are long or short, they will become your best allies for the summer.

With floral patterns and prints, you’ll look your best. With dress en you will find what you need.

Don’t forget to bring with you some essentials such as: jean shorts, sunglasses, a loose shirt with short sleeves. Hats and flip-flops are a must when you decide to go to the beach.

If you are a man, loose pants, linen shorts, chinos, loose and light shirts, t-shirts and shoes for summer outfits will suit you perfectly.

What to pack for the summer?

A first aid kit

When you go on a trip, you have to take into account all the possibilities. When traveling to your summer destination, mishaps can occur. You must therefore be prepared for any eventuality, hence the interest ofTake a first aid kit in your suitcase.

It should contain masks, bandages, sterile gauze, safety pins, scissors, splinter forceps, the first aid manual, a roll of plaster and a thermometer.

A beach outfit

Women’s swimwear is obviously a must for a beach vacation. To camouflage your outfit, you can get flowing tunics, beach kimonos or transparent beach t-shirts. For men, a short-sleeved top, swimming shorts and sunglasses will suit you perfectly.

So remember to pack these clothes in your suitcase.

After all, summer vacation is a time to relax and forget about work. Don’t forget to choose the best suitcase in order to optimally contain your outfit.